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About The Reddings & District Community Centre

The Reddings and District Community Association is a self -governing body under the terms of its' constitution. The centre is administered by a Management Committee of Trustees who volunteer their time for the benefit of maintaining favourable hire rates for local groups and residents and maintain its genuine status as a centre for the community.


Trustees are elected for a two year term at the Annual General Meeting of the Association which takes place on the Second Monday of March each year. Trustees are usually, but not exclusively, nominated from representatives of users of the hall who have a background of serving the community through their own groups.


The Reddings and District Community Association is a Charity Registered with the Charity Commission. The Registration Number is 266092. The Association is bound by the rules of the Charity Commission and by the Association's Constitution. The "Official Custodian of Charities" is the Association's Custodian Trustee.


If you are interested in joining in and having some fun please contact us through this website or phone us on the number in the 'Contact Us' section.



Historically 'The Reddings' was a small village of cottages and market gardens, As a result of housing development in the area circa 1967, local residents, with the support of  the Vicar of Up Hatherley, recognised there was a need for a local meeting place and under the auspices of Badgeworth Parish Council, The Reddings & District Community Association was formed with the first AGM taking place at Lakeside Junior School on 2nd May 1969.

The appointed committee looked into ways of providing a meeting place and negotiated to acquire an ex-RAF prefabricated timber framed building from R.A.F. Innsworth. In May 1973 the foundations were started and in 1975 after seven years hard work by dedicated community- spirited residents the building was completed.


On 10th January 1974 the Association became a registered Charity with Badgeworth Parish Council being the Custodian Trustee.  At this date, The Reddings, was in the Parish of Badgeworth, within Cheltenham Rural District Council administration district and was transferred into Tewkesbury Borough Council on the councils’  formation in 1974.


From its' inception to occupation funds were raised by local collection, jumble sales, whist drives, coffee mornings, a local lottery known as the 250 Club and flower shows, all taking place in private gardens and houses; a testament to the dedication, determination and energy of those involved.


Further extensions were added to the building in 1980 and 1986 both totally financed by the Association.


With further boundary changes in 1980 the community centre site passed from Tewkesbury Borough Council to Cheltenham Borough Council and due to this change the management committee elected to appoint the Official Custodian of Charities as the custodian trustee in place of Badgeworth Parish Council to avoid any possible conflict of interest between Badgeworth Parish Council, who remained within Tewkesbury Borough, and Cheltenham Borough Council.


The ex-RAF building used for the Community Centre was originally granted approval only as a temporary building  with the intention that it would at some time be rebuilt as a permanent structure.


The prospect of a new building was first raised in the Cheltenham Environs Plan 1986, prepared by Tewkesbury Borough Council, where alternative proposals in respect of the siting of the Community Centre were shown. As a consequence of building the new road, we now know as Grovefield Way, pockets of land, identified in the Environmental Study of The Reddings , were released for housing and these sites attracted a Community Facilities Payment, from each developer.


After the results from a local survey were analysed a concept scheme was prepared and from that the building as we know it today was designed to accommodate as many of the local needs as possible that were identified in the survey, within the monetary constraints. The contributions from the developers of the housing built after the new road was built was insufficient to cover the cost of the new community centre and the Association was successful in being granted a substantial sum from the National Lottery Commission to cover the shortfall.


The Community Association is grateful to all those parties professional and voluntary that made this new centre possible.


Building work started on the new community centre in July 1999 and was completed and opened in August 2000.


Although the numbers of residents have increased the community spirit has been retained and the Community Centre is at the heart of this. A wide range of community events such as the horticultural show and fete are held at the centre, and a miriad of regular user groups are found weelky at the centre, giving opportunities to join in activites from Art to Scottish Dance.

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